iOS 9 Users: Update your Touch Bible apps! [UPDATED x2]

The road towards progress sometimes has speed bumps. Such is the case for Touch Bible users with the latest iOS 9 update. You’ll love the new features in iOS 9 such as iPad multi-tasking and Siri improvements, however, you’ll need to update your Touch Bible to the latest version 3.4.3, to continue to enjoy all the features in Touch Bible.

App updates are free from the Updates section of the App Store.


Most features in Touch Bible still work. However, some versions are crashing. Others may show header colors turned grey or that your NET note are missing? Not to worry, nothing is lost. iOS 9 made a small change that has inadvertently, temporarily, effected Touch Bible.

How to Fix it?

The fix is easy, simply update Touch Bible to version 3.4.3 or later, and all will be back to normal.

Links to popular Bible Apps

Touch Bible Loaded for iPhone and iPad (or Loaded (LD) for iPhone and iPod Touch)
Touch Bible KJV + Strong’s Concordance
Touch Bible HD KJV + Strong’s Concordance

Users of free Touch Bible might want to consider moving to Touch Bible International Free.

Goodies in 3.4.3

The new version is not only a bug fix, however. You’ll also gain access to more voices and greater control over the reader speed. iOS 9 and Touch Bible versions 3.4.3 let you really turn down the reading speed. It’ll also let you pick from dozens of voices and dialects.

If you have a model of iPhone that was released after iPhone 6, you can download a very high quality voice called Alex, and use that voice to read the Bible! More details coming soon!

Positive Feedback Appreciated

Touch Bible has been around from the original iPhone and has been maintained ever since. This is made possible by positive feedback on the App Store. iOS updates normally do not create issues for Touch Bible. However, iOS 9 made a change that was beyond anyone’s control and results in Touch Bible users needing to update.

How Touch Bible handled this issue:

  1. Touch Bible was quickly updated and submitted to Apple for review prior to the release of iOS 9.
  2. A bug report for the problem associated with iOS 9 was also filed before its release.
  3. Touch Bible is trying to notify all its users online and on Social media to update.

By making the Touch Bible update available ahead of the release of iOS 9, many Touch Bible users will never notice there ever was a problem. Still, some users may not get the Touch Bible update before they get the iOS 9 update. The bug fix on Apple’s end is complex and they may squash this particular bug in iOS 9 after you were affected by it. It is like a race, and Touch Bible is maintained as quickly and regularly as possible to keep you reading the Bible.

[UPDATE 1: More Touch Bible Versions Released]

[Update 2: Touch Bible is available for iOS 9]

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