The Bible for Your Mobile Device

For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Apple Watch more

Touch Bible for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch


Visit the download page! Touch Bible makes it easy to get immersed in the Bible. The audio bible feature, reading plan, and study material all work together to give you more time in the Word. Activate the Bible reader from your Apple Watch and listen while you run. Read the Bible fast in church. Gain even more understanding from the Bible with optional study notes and definitions.

Get Touch Bible from iTunes or the App Store, Amazon Appstore, Google Play, NOOK, Blackberry.

For Android, Kindle Fire, Chromebooks & more more

Touch Bible for Android Devices: Kindle Fire, Chromebook & Samsung.

Android users will love Touch Bible. Everything is ready the moment you download, and you won’t need the internet to read and study the Bible. Find Touch Bible in the app store or market on your favorite device. Learn more on the download page!

Touch Bible

*The Bible is free! Still, you may purchase versions that add study content and features

Touch Bible, the mobile Bible you always wanted

  • The Bible comes prepackaged! Additional downloads or internet access is not needed to use the Bible.
  • Bibles are free, purchase versions with more study content.
  • Audio features and reading plans (on supported devices).
  • User friendly and no setup.

Use Touch Bible, Online lets you share bible verses on Facebook. Have a verse you want to share? Check it out. You can also use the Facebook app directly in Facebook! Bookmark it.

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