Update #5: Updates Available for “KJV + Strong’s” Apps!

Touch Bible KJV ConcordanceTouch Bible 3.5, for all Touch Bible KJV + Strong’s apps, has been released! At last. You should be able to download it on the App Store. If you don’t see it yet, please keep looking through out the day.

Thank you for your patience. Touch Bible tries to always be up-to-date and an update was sent well before iOS 9 was released. However, a glitch in iTunes was holding back the update that worked for iOS 9. After multiple calls and emails with Apple everything should be fixed on that side and the update is finally be available today.

Apple was kind enough to put a rush on the update so you could get it sooner.

A sincere apologize that this happened goes out to all users. Every possible action has been taken to get this resolved was taken, and finally it’s time to get back to using the Touch Bible.

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