Thoughts on Net Neutrality

An opinion about net neutrality:

If there is anything we need on the Internet, it’s more speed. Right? But imagine a law that would make it legal for an ISP to lower internet speeds. Would you be OK with paying $39.99 a month for high speed and getting slow speeds? If net neutrality dies, you’ll have to be OK with it.

Censorship warning!

Net neutrality is the only way to guarantee that free speech on the internet has a free audience.

While most people focus on the millions ISPs will make by slowing down your internet,  they forget that ISPs can also slow it down on principal; if they don’t like your favorite news site because it disagrees with their politics, it will be slowed down.

How long will it take your ISP to give in to the pressure from social justice liberal groups who find out an ISP allows its users to visit conservative leaning sites? Censorship is possible, if not inevitable, if we allow net neutrality to die.

Net Neutrality is Fair

Net neutrality isn’t forcing ISPs to provide the same speed to every site. That automatically comes with the technology of the Internet. It’s been programed to be fast. It is smart enough to know how to move videos and websites from the internet to your house at the maximum speed available.

Without Net Neutrality:

  • ISPs can downgrade the speed of any website for any reason.
  • ISPs can block sites by making them impossibly slow to access.
  • ISPs do not need a financial reason to kill a site. They can simply be a liberal leaning ISP who doesn’t like the content of a conservative site, or they could have been persuaded to do so by a vocal minority’s protests.
  • You can’t escape the decisions your ISP makes because you probably can’t switch to another ISP.
  • We already have net neutrality, removing it will not fix anything. Removing it only gives those who provide the internet the legal ability to make it slower.

Visit for help contacting Congress and demand that they act now to save net neutrality.

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