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You may think the Apple Watch is too small to warrant a Bible App, but think again! It might actually get you in the word more than ever.

Isn’t the Screen too Small for Bible Reading?Screen Shot 1

Ah, but the Bible isn’t only for reading. The Bible is meant to be heard and shared. What if “reading” the Bible with your eyes was only a secondary feature? Your Apple Watch could help you listen to the Bible via Touch Bible!

Touch Bible’s Apple Watch app reads the Bible to you (without needing the internet, too). It reads the Bible to you. You can tell it what chapter to read, or you can continue where you were last.

Get More of the Bible

Let’s face it, there are several places you never thought you’d be digging into the bible. But with the Apple Watch, you don’t need your phone, you can listen just about anywhere. And if you get out your earbuds, you’ll have your own private Bible time.

Listen to the Bible on a jog

Listen to the Bible on the bus

Listen to the Bible while you work

Yes, hearing the Bible being read via on your Apple Watch truly is the best way to use your Apple Watch, and it’ll help you stay physically and spiritually fit.

Get Touch Bible Free or Touch Bible Loaded is available on your Apple Watch so you can hear more of it.


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