Update #1 for iOS 9 Users [UPDATED x2]

Touch Bible versions compatible with iOS 9 were submitted last week, ahead of the iOS 9 release. Unfortunately, some users are experiencing crashes and can’t access version 3.4.3.

As of Friday, September 18, many Touch Bible apps are available, however some apps are awaiting approval from Apple. Check the App Store for an update. If you do not see version 3.4.3 or later, keep reading…

What can you do in the mean time?

1. Temporarily use another version of Touch Bible:

Other versions of Touch Bible 3.4.3 have been released by Apple and many are free. You can download one as a temporary fix! They will enable you to access the Bible until your version is released…  Below are two recommended apps:

Download Touch Bible Int. Free for free (it is like Touch Bible Free, with more languages added)
Download Touch Bible HD, KJV for free

2. Keep looking for the 3.4.3 update.

The update was sent to Apple last week, before iOS 9 came out. They are reviewing it and should release it very soon. Please pray with me for patience for us all as we must wait for Apple to release it.

What happened?

Please know, action was taken as fast as humanly possible. Here’s the quick story:

  • All iOS apps require approval from Apple
  • iOS updates sometimes break apps
  • Apple normally allows 14 days to approve an app and gives developers enough time to submit an app before an iOS update
  • For iOS 9, Apple gave only about 6 days to submit apps for iOS 9 before its release
  • Touch Bible was submitted last week, immediately following the go ahead to submit iOS 9 updates – it was sent to Apple as soon as humanly possible.

It isn’t uncommon for apps to experience crashes after an iOS update. It was known before iOS 9 was released that Touch Bible needed an update, and on Friday September 11, Apple began to allow developers to submit their updates. iOS 9 was released on September 16, which allowed less time for the updates.

All versions of Touch Bible were being submitted mere hours after Apple gave the green light (uploading so many apps was a process that took many hours). Once submitted,  waiting for approval began.

Many of the apps have been approved, but some are still waiting for final approval.

Normally, developers get more time to submit an app before an iOS update is released.

Typically, Apple gives developers about 2 weeks headway to submit an app prior to an iOS update. This gives Apple a full 2 weeks to approve apps for the new iOS. This round, however, not even 1 weeks time was given… and the review process averages 2 weeks.

Apple takes the security and quality of iOS seriously, that is why they approve every app. It is a part of what makes iOS so loved among users. However, this means there must be a waiting time for approval. This wait is something app developers cannot avoid.

Touch Bible is an app that has always kept up with the changes in iOS. Critical bugs and crashes are always on the radar and fixed quickly. Still, like all apps, the approval process takes time.

Touch Bible has planned ahead as much as possible. Once the green light for iOS 9 apps was given, Touch Bible was there giving Apple updates for users like you. Unfortunately, the time given was not enough.

For now, Touch Bible users are asked for forgiveness and patience. Please make use of the free versions of Touch Bible that were approved in time and stand by for  more updates.

Download Touch Bible Int. Free for free
Download Touch Bible HD, KJV for free

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[UPDATE 1: More Touch Bible Versions Released]

[UPDATE 2: Touch Bible is available for iOS 9]

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