A Bible for your iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is still an amazing device. Its price, its colors, the thin form factor and fast A8 processor are well worth the relatively small price you’ll pay. It will also support the upcoming iOS 9 (more about the iPod Touch)

A great device, yet there is no way to have a constant data connection without Wifi access. This means means apps that rely on the internet are not going to be very useful when you are away from Wifi.

touch bible for iPod touchThere are many Bible apps that require some setup to use offline or completely rely on the internet to work. But not Touch Bible!

If you want a simple Bible that always works, even when there is no internet, you need to checkout Touch Bible. Touch Bible was actually born on an iPod Touch. Its name was inspired by the iPod Touch, it was an iPod Touch Bible app; so the name came naturally.

Touch Bible also brings you other abilities that normally rely on the internet. For example, the Audio Bible built in to Touch Bible works without the internet. You can even control it from your iPod Touch audio controls and earbuds!

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Touch Bible

Touch Bible is the offline, Bible reading, multi-tasking, study library, SIMPLE Bible app for your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Android, Kindle Fire, Chromebook, Windows 11 and Samsung Tablets or Phones.