Bible app for the NOOK [UPDATED]

[UPDATE] Please read the Farewell, NOOK Apps post.

NOOK users love to read, there is no question. The NOOK has an incredible selection of Books and apps that allow its users to find just the titles it’s looking for! But what about the Bible?

The best selling book in the world is unlike any other book. Most people do not read it like other books; front to back. Most Bible readers skip around, finding themselves jumping from front to back, middle and back again. Can an e-book reader support that? Probably not, which is why you’ll want a Bible app.

There are many options, but I think Touch Bible is the app you’ll want on your NOOK. Here’s why:

Most Bible apps come with a bit of an assumption of prior knowledge; when you look up a book, you’ll use a keyboard or a technical chart to pick the book you want to read. If it’s a keyboard, you’re supposed to know how to spell the books, how many chapters are in the book, and even how many verses – or else it will not know where you are. If it’s a list, it can be ordered in any number of ways. These tools are fine if you have memorized the books and their lengths and their orders, but if are wanting to read the Bible and get around it with some context as to what happened before and what happens next, these methods can get in the way.

That is why Touch Bible has Dial-a-Verse. The Bible indeed reads like a regular book, and has a chronological order to it. Dial-a-Verse preserves this by listing every book, every chapter and every verse in the traditional order. It is a list that stands secondary to the text, yet it makes getting around the Bible very intuitive. It even makes switching versions easy. You simply tap on what you want, the names and numbers are provided for you.

As you read, there are built-in study resources to help you comprehend. You are not redirected to a new screen as you access the study materials. The information appears over the text and allows you to see where you were behind it. When you are done the study material simply goes away and you are back where you were, reading.

When you use Touch Bible, you’ll be encouraged to read the Bible more often because you’ll be less confused. You’ll treat the Bible more like what it is, a book – with a story and meaning that you can access!

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