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Bible App for NOOK

NOOK Users can download Bible Apps for the NOOK using the link below:

As many NOOK owners already know, the NOOK Apps store no longer allows you to download and install new apps. The departure of NOOK Apps leaves many questions: Where will I get apps? What about my purchases?

Barnes and Noble have extensively outlined the entire process. You can read their FAQs here. However, paraphrasing, the answers you can keep your purchased apps as they’ll still work, and for everything else go to Google Play.

If you are a Touch Bible user, according to the FAQs can still download your previously purchased apps… but NOOK Apps is not accepting new updates. As time goes on that version of the app will become outdated and you’ll probably want to find that app on Google Play.

To help, all this sites links for the NOOK will begin taking you to Google Play. More help is planned for the future to help users easily migrate to the different store.

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