Update #4: Reasons Why We Are Still Waiting [UPDATED]

TouchBibleTouch Bible users, thank you for waiting so long to get the update. Unfortunately, the wait is not over. You deserve more information, and it is time for the in-depth details about what is happening.

It’s a little technical…

Problem #1: iOS 9

Touch Bible asks iOS for a specific file name as it is opening to get things fired up. All versions of iOS always reported the name of this file correctly, without a hitch (It is the kind of report that should never change). However, iOS 9 breaks this report. The file name is empty, and that confuses Touch Bible enough to either crash or cause interface problems.

That seems to be a bug in iOS 9 that has been reported. Let’s hope Apple corrects that in an update to its iOS 9 software.

Problem #2: Stuck in Limbo?

Touch Bible was updated ahead of iOS 9 to workaround that bug. A simple update to Touch Bible works around the missing file name. Which brings us to problem two.  Apple “CAN’T” release this update at the moment due to a technical problem. The app is stuck in a status that is preventing it from going on to review (interestingly, some versions of Touch Bible are not stuck, and are pending release).

Touch Bible updates are not alone. Other developers are also experiencing “stuck” apps when they submit them to Apple. You can read many examples here.


Twitter #itunesconnect stuck apps

It’s frustrating that there is a fix, and the only way to get it out to users is broken. It’s also frustrating that there was ever a need for this fix in the first place.

The Good News

There is some good news. First Apple is working on it… and as soon as Apple is ready, Touch Bible will quickly move ahead in the process.

A small number of Touch Bible apps are not stuck! Soon some users of Touch Bible will see 3.5 updates.  When those versions are released there’ll be an update!

This update will include:

  • Fixes to the connection problems in Extras
  • Updated Voice Options
  • Other iOS 9  related bug fixes

[Update 2: Touch Bible is available for iOS 9]

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