Bible app for Amazon Kindle Fire and Fire Phone

If you own a Kindle Fire or a Fire Phone, you owe it to yourself to have a Bible app. However, your Kindle Fire may not come with a data connection. It can be so frustrating when apps stop working when it loses internet connection. Get a Bible app that doesn’t require the internet, get Touch Bible!

Touch Bible doesn’t require data plans or the internet to work! It doesn’t require any setup or bible downloads. Kindle Fire users will love how Touch Bible always provides the Bible! If you are at school or work, and you have a moment to read the Bible on your Kindle Fire, you’ll be glad you chose Touch Bible.

Touch Bible also has an audio bible feature that does not need the internet. Listening to the Bible as it’s read on the Fire Phone is incredible. The Fire Phone features a great dictation voice that’ll make you want to listen to the Bible all the time.

As a fan of Amazon, providing Touch Bible on Amazon devices is exciting. Touch Bible has been available for Amazon devices for a long time. In fact, Amazon Kindle Fire and Fire Phone are among the devices used to test Touch Bible! If you are user of the Kindle Fire or Fire Phone, this benefits you! It means Touch Bible is going to work great on your devices.

Have a look at Touch Bible for Amazon Kindle Fire and Amazon Fire Phone. You can download all Touch Bible apps here.

Get the Amazon Appstore

If you follow tech news, you’ll know that the security of our devices is constantly threatened. One source of these threats is App markets such as Google Play. Google doesn’t have a review process like that of Apple and Amazon, so bad apps sneak on their platform very often. How bad? Some apps record what you are typing, looking for passwords or credit card numbers. Eek!

Amazon’s Appstore takes a different approach. There is a detailed review process that ever new app goes through. Amazon is making sure the apps stand up to their test of quality and safety. That is why if you are using an Android device, you’ll want Amazon’s Appstore to be the way you install new apps.

Amazon has some stunning devices at amazing prices. If you are using an Amazon device, or use the Amazon Appstore as the way you get apps for your Android device, congratulations! You made a very smart decision. If you are not using it, here is how to get it. (Amazon is not paying for this plug.)

It would be thrilling if the very first app you downloaded from the Amazon Appstore were Touch Bible. Here is a link to get the Bible from the Amazon Appstore!

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