Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Site and Apps

Touch Bible services (,,, Touch Bible on social media sites, Touch Bible apps and various communications) are able to collect details regarding its usage. The following document provides general information about in-house and third-party use of the collected data in non-specific terms. It is subject to change at any time. This document was last updated on May 23, 2018.

What is “personally identifiable information?”

“Personally identifiable information” are things such as your name, address, phone number, email address or anything that can link a user to a real person.

What Is Collected and Why?

Touch Bible services do not automatically know who its users are. In order for these sites or apps to know who a user is, someone would need to provide that information.

In some cases, third parties already have your personal information. For example, Facebook or the App Store would know some personal information. These third parties have their own privacy policy. Currently there is no need for Touch Bible to ask these third parties for a user’s data. Therefore, data known to third parties is not stored on any of Touch Bible’s servers.

When you contact the site, the email you provide as well as the name and message are kept behind a third party secure server. This information is used to respond and to improve the site and the products that relate to it.

When  you purchase an app, a record of your purchase is kept by that app store.  App stores are able to track the use of an app (for example, if the app crashed, how often you open the app, etc.). Please refer to any third party for information about what they collect and share.

Like most websites on the internet, Touch Bible services are able to track some data regarding the location of its visitors, the time of their visits, the length, an IP address, the ways the visitors enter the site and the files that a visitor views. This data is for analytical purposes, improvement, self promotion and support. The site uses data about your device to render itself and present relevant data. Browser information can be technical and detailed (for example, what kind of computer it lives on).

What is Shared?

The reason Touch Bible services collect information is for support and self promotion. Personal information might be shared with authorities where required by law or when necessary for customer support purposes (for example, sharing a customer’s information with their app store for support with an issue). Some third parties already collect their own data through their own means, however Touch Bible is not actively selling customers’ communications and usage to any third party.

Touch Bible services might publicly share number of visitors, downloads, page visits, shares, app reviews, inspiring stories and other types of information.

Practices avoided

Touch Bible does not sell customer email address to third parties.

Touch Bible does not track how you use the iOS and Android apps with the exception of the online features. For example, the verses you look up or search within the app are only stored on your device, however using the online Study Wiki is tracked the same way any website would be tracked.

Touch Bible does not distribute third party ads. Note that some devices might serve ads in conjunction with use of its apps (such as the low cost Amazon Fire devices), however this is done independent of Touch Bible. The philosophy is that the Bible itself should be cost free and ad free. It is impossible to limit how a device serves ads, but for Touch Bible’s part, the app is ad free.