Underground – Touch Bible Loaded is #actuallyfree on Amazon Appstore

Android users, there is big news for your journey through the Bible.

Touch Bible Loaded available for free for Android! Free, not $4.99! Get it today!

Where to Download

Go to TouchBible.com/FreeLoaded in your browser to download Touch Bible Loaded.

It’s really Free

It’s Free. Seriously. Totally free.

Here are all the way’s Touch Bible Loaded is #actuallyfree:

  • There are no catches, no strings attached.
  • This is not a contest.
  • This is not set to expire & there are no limits on how many can be downloaded.
  • There is nothing to buy after the fact.
  • This is NOT FREEMIUM.
  • This is not loaded with Advertisements.
  • There is no money to pay now.
  • There is no money to pay later.

You’ll need a free Amazon account (which you probably already have) and the free Amazon Appstore. (The Amazon Appstore is how #actuallyfree Touch Bible Loaded is installed.) You’ll also need a device that can install the Amazon Appstore.

It’s free because (period). That’s why. Amazon respects its customers and users, they will not spam you. It’s goal is to provide awesome apps for free… really and truly free.


Android users can enjoy the over 60,000 study notes and Strong’s Concordance found in Touch Bible Loaded for $0.00. You’ll be able to see two versions at one time. You’ll be able to lookup definitions by Strong Numbers. You’ll get multiple combined lexicons. You’ll get an Audio Bible. You’ll get a daily reading plan. ALL OFFLINE! (Did anyone mention its NOT $4.99? All this is free.)


If you get it free from Amazon, you’ll benefit from the savings and you’ll be supporting the efforts behind Touch Bible.

Thousands of Other Paid Apps are Free, Too

Not only is Touch Bible Loaded free, there are thousands of other paid or freemium apps available from Amazon. There is no other place in the world of Android to get these apps for free, and you’ll love the selection.

Switch to the Amazon Appstore and download Touch Bible and thousand of other high quality paid apps now!

How is it Free?

Simple, Amazon has covered the costs for the app. The more you use the app, the more developers like me get compensated. It’s free for you, and it covers the developers. So get on the Amazon Appstore, Get Touch Bible Loaded with the ACTUALLY FREE tag, and learn about the Bible!