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Do you enjoy christian discussion sites, like Theology Online or Theology Web? These forums are great places to share bible verses. But, until now, copy and pasting a verse was a bit of pain. Not only were there copyright issues with quoting too much scripture, there were formatting issues that made it very hard to read what you copy and paste. You would need to delete extra lines, type in the book, chapter and verse, and many other nuisances.

Now, you can share your verses easier than ever, with BBcode formatting.

Just head over to and press the verse number you want to share, and copy the BBCode.

Bible for Forums

When you select your verse, it can format it in with forum tags. Verse numbers will be italics, the verse can be in a quote box, the verse itself is referenced at the top with an optional link to the entire context.

Your discussion buddies will love your posts more than ever!

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