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Information and History

TouchBible(Go) was an early downloadable verion of the bible for the iPod Touch and iPhone. When the iPhone and iPod first came out there was no way to save a program on the device. This meant internet access was a requirement if you needed to use programs.

To get around this, Touch Bible was stripped of most features and packaged it into an email.

Emails on the iPhone were the only way to keep information on the iPhone and iPod Touch without hacking it. Users would come to this page and submit their email, and a server would automatically email their iPhone a copy of the Bible.

While not perfect, it was the only way to keep something the size of the Bible on the iPhone. But all this changed in July 2008, when Apple opened its App Store through iTunes. It allowed developers to build programs that did not require the internet.

Now Touch Bible(Go) is obsolete and has been replaced by Touch Bible LE.

This form has been disabled. Please Download Touch Bible through iTunes.

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