Touch Bible says it isn’t licensed. What can I do?

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To prevent software piracy, Google has made a way for apps to verify if the device that opens the app is indeed licensed to run the app. When the app opens, it asks Google if there is a record of a purchase for the app in the users account. If there is no record, or if the device has no internet connection, an error occurs asking the user to purchase the app.

This entire process takes place using the internet. With Touch Bible, the app install is finalized and the internet is no longer needed after the purchase is verified using Google Licensing services.

If you purchased Touch Bible and are seeing this error, here are somethings you can try:

  • Verify that you are connected to the internet.
  • Consider restarting the device and using Wifi.
  • Verify that your device is using the same Google Account that made the purchase.
  • Make sure no other app is using the internet too much or that no apps are still installing or updating. These processes might be blocking internet communication and preventing the licensing service from working.
  • Make sure your device supports Google Services.

Opening a Google License protected app from an SD Card might result in this error. When an App is moved to an SD Card, and then that SD Card is moved to a new device, there is a good possibility that the protected app will not run on the new device.  The new Device will need to have the same Google Account used to purchase the app entered in the Account preferences found in the new device’s Settings app.