License Errors & Google Play

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Google License Services help prevent piracy. Google Services tell apps if your Google account purchased an app. This keeps users from sharing apps, because if the app was not purchased by other users, it will not work…

…At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. Sometimes, an error can occur causing the app to believe it was not purchased

The good news is the most common fix is very easy:

  1. Restart your device
  2. Connect to a strong internet connection
  3. Open your app

If the above doesn’t work, you’ll need to dig a bit deeper.

  1. Open your device’s Account Settings.
    There is no one method to open account settings… many users will find them by opening the Settings app, then tapping on accounts.
  2. Check the Google Play Settings. Is account is entered correctly?
    Make sure you entered the right password
    Make sure the account listed is the one that made the purchase
    Make sure the account is indeed being used by Google Play
  3. Check the Time and Date settings
    If the date is wrong, it can cause major connection issues on the internet. This causes your device and the internet to believe your security certificates are out of date, which will make your device experience connection issues.
  4. Check for updates to your version of Android.
    An expired version of Android will have problems connecting to Google’s servers.
  5. Make sure you can see the app in your purchases history. Open Google Play and access your download history.
    If you do see it, try opening the app from the history – If that works, perhaps the app icon you normally use to open your app is broken.
    If you do not see it, it means you are using a Google account that didn’t purchase the app. See step 2 above and enter the Google Play account used to make the purchase according to steps you acquire from Google Support.

If all your settings are correct and you see the App in the history, the problem could be with hour device or with your account. You’ll want to contact support from your device manufacturer or even Google.

  • Please contact Google Play for support and ask about your if your account settings are correct, or if the accounts on your device indeed have Touch Bible Loaded in their history.
  • Contact your device support for support about your settings and ask if there is a known issue about it not making a connection to the Google Licensing Service.

About Google Licensing Service

When you purchase an app, Google saves that app to your account history. They provide app developers with a way to check their server for a history of that purchase. If the app doesn’t see that purchase in your history, it can deny access – which is what Touch Bible does to prevent piracy.

Reasons Touch Bible will deny access

  • Google’s licensing service (a third party server) is telling Touch Bible that you did not purchase the app
  • You’re device can’t connect to Google Licensing Services.

Reasons a device can’t connect to the Google server

  • You are not connected the internet
  • You have a firewall blocking access to parts of the internet
  • A virus checker blocking communication
  • Your device needs an update to it’s security certificates
  • The time and date settings are not correct.
  • Your device is “rooted” or jailbroken and has lost access to Google services
All of these reasons are outside of the app developers ability to fix directly. They require an expert in that area or someone with access to your accounts or the device.