I downloaded the wrong version. How can I get a refund?

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It is difficult to get a refund on any app, here’s why:

Apps are sold by various app stores across multiple devices. Each store has its own policy for refunds. Often, the stores hold an “all sales are final” policy. Also, developers are given very limited details about your purchase and we are not able to look up your name, etc.. Most stores give developers no ability to issue a refund, whatsoever.  With so many limitations, developers are often not able to offer refunds.

If you are seeking a refund, your need to inquire with the store that sold you the app. Before you try, have you contacted support?

Can Support Help?

There may be a way to make you happy without going through a refund. Touch Bible has a very small price tag yet includes volumes of study resources. Don’t miss out on the resources Touch Bible has to offer if a problem can be fixed.

Please read our FAQ, or contact support.

Try the free versions of Touch Bible. If you find that it works great on your device, the paid versions will likely work just as good while they add study material and additional features.